About Draft Top

We believe that everyone loves a cold beer, right off the tap, but more of our time is spent outside at pools, beaches, and tailgates, where cans seem to be the only acceptable receptacle. However, the small opening on every can does not allow for the beer’s aroma to reach your nose, making it impossible to fully enjoy the beer. With this in mind we set out to find a way to safely remove the top of aluminum beverage cans. We’ve spent the last 4 years diving in our neighbors recycling bins to retrieve empty cans for testing. Quite frankly we are obsessed with creating a better can experience. With this determination and hard work we created Draft Top, a bar tool that completely removes the top of aluminum beverages cans while safely maintaining the pressed outer rim. Using Draft Top allows you to enjoy the beer the way the brewer intended, so Drink Topless and enjoy what cans have to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is Draft Top?

    The Draft Top is a patent pending bar tool designed to remove the top of cans without any sharp edges while keeping the integrity of the can.

  • How does this thing work?

    The Draft Top’s patent pending design uses 4 rotational splitters. The splitters sit inside the rim of a can and use pressure to split and fold the lid as it turns. It takes approximately 1/4 turn for it to complete the separation.

  • Does it work on all cans?

    The Draft Top was specifically designed for 8-16oz beverage cans with standard tops. It does not work on growlers, certain tallboys, or soup cans.

  • Does it leave any sharp edges?

    The Draft Top is designed to fold the lip reducing the risk of any sharp edges. If the Draft Top is not used properly it could result in sharp edges or small metal shavings (see product warning below for more details) . Note the separated lid could have sharp edges, same as a standard can opener. Please handle with caution.

  • Does it grab the top?

    The Draft Top does not grab or hold the can. It requires the use of two hands. The second hand should be placed firmly on the ridge towards the top of the can where you have the most strength and leverage.

  • Is it difficult to use?

    Results have varied depending on the user. It might require some practice, but on average most users were successful between 2-3 attempts.

  • Are the 4 circular splitters sharp?

    The Draft Top splitters are designed to split the metal with pressure. In order to accomplish this, the splitters have a dulled edge much like your average soup can opener. Please use caution when handling the Draft Top and do not use the product for anything other than its original purpose.

  • Can it be washed?

    Yes, hand wash only. We recommend you rinse with warm water after using to prevent beer or soda drying between mechanical parts.

  • Why did we create the Draft Top?

    We created the Draft Top to enhance the experience of drinking from cans by allowing your senses to enjoy the aroma.