The Draft Top® 2.0

Draft Top


New and improved model!

The Draft Top® 2.0 is same Draft Top® that you know and love but now it performs smoother and lasts longer.

 Upgrades include:

  • Longer lasting splitters with wear resistant materials 
  • Smoother performance on those pesky Craft Cans
  • Softened handle to prevent from over squeezing
  • Modified splitter with secured attachment

The Draft Top® 2.0 is The Bar Tool designed to remove the top of aluminum beverage cans. (Fully Patented)

AmeriCAN made :-)

Drink Topless®, You'll love what cans have to offer.

  • Experience the full aroma of your drink — right out of the can
  • Creates an incredibly smooth edge that safely turns your can into a cup
  • Perfect for adding garnishes or mixing drinks
  • The Topless Beer Can Opener
  • All orders are charged in USD
  • Please recycle.

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