Purchase Agreement

WARNING – by checking this box you have acknowledged that you have read the disclosure shown on the website and are fully aware of the hazards associated with this tool. This is a can opener, which means you are cutting metal to open the can from which you plan to drink from. Even if used properly it could leave sharp edges or small pieces of metal in the beverage. DO NOT CONSUME the beverage if they are present or you feel that you could cut yourself in anyway. When used properly (i.e. not making multiple rotations over the same cutting track) the likelihood of this occurring is very small but you are still responsible for checking prior drinking. Intoxication is not an excuse for not checking and the tool should not be used if you are inebriated. Simply put, if you see any sharp edge on the can or removed top OR metal piece in the beverage, THROW IT OUT! By agreeing to this, you waive any right to pursue legal recourse against Draft Top LLC, it’s owners, associates and affiliated parties.