Our Story

Proudly made in the USA, DRAFT TOP®  is the ultimate bar tool designed to lift and remove the top of almost any can, so consumers can actually enjoy what they are drinking!  

As crazy as it sounds, our story began in 2000 when our President and Founder, Armand Ferranti, was in flight school and was properly educated on how to use his canine teeth to remove the top of a beer can. As you can imagine, he quickly became the life of the party.  

Eleven years later, Armand was amongst his friends drinking a beer (or two or three), and one of his mates asked him to open a bottle of wine using the foil cutter. A light bulb went off in his inventor mind… that there must be a way to remove the top of can without using your teeth (his dentist bills were getting expensive).   

Armand and Co-Founder, Sean Kelly, then went into their man cave (just like Tony Stark) and started sketching out ideas to turn their vision into a reality. Like many inventors, Armand went through a storm of revisions to create what you know today as Draft Top®.   

The vision was now a reality… That being said, Armand and Sean needed to raise capital to turn his invention into something he could mass produce. In August of 2015 they turned to Kickstarter to launch Draft Top’s first campaign. The result exceeded expectations and raised $214,083.   

The makers' minds kept churning. Armand and Sean knew that they could dramatically improve on the original Draft Top® which led the Company to launch its final crowdfunding campaign in January 2019 and December 2020 which raised an additional $834,828.  

But wait, there’s more On February 12, 2021, Draft Top® aired on Shark Tank and astonished everyone’s favorite Shark, Daymond John. Daymond  offered an impressive 300K for 20% of the Company.   

In November, 2021 we launched version 3.0 and it was an immediate hit. But as anything, it was work in progress. After listening to customer feedback, we went back to the drawing board. 

They Asked… We Delivered! We know… it’s about time!

Launched in October 2022...  The all NEW, completely reengineered, Draft Top® LIFT is what everyone asked for!

Why? Because the new DT LIFT is easier than ever to use... and it LIFTS and removes the lid from the can. No more pushing down on the lid or removing it with your fingers! And this is all thanks to you!

We have sales of our one-of-a-kind bar tools in over 50 countries. We are truly just getting started. There’s a lot more to come, so please stay tuned for our next chapter! Shop Now!