Why did we create the Draft Top®?

We created the Draft Top® to enhance the experience of drinking from cans by allowing your senses to enjoy the aroma. Cans are infinitely, recyclable and they go where glass is not allowed (beaches, pools, etc.) Ditch the single use plastic cups, and enjoy your beverage the way the brewer intended.  

How does it work? The Draft Top’s® patented design uses 4 rotational blades. The blades sit inside the rim of a can and use pressure to split and fold the lid as it turns. It takes approximately 1/2 turn or rotating the tool 180 degrees back and forth 3 times for it to complete the separation.  

Does it remove the lid? The tool is designed to open the top of the can by cutting the lid from the can. In most cases the lid can be pulled out by hand or pushed in like the tab does with the normal method of opening. Don't worry, it's the same lid you put your lips on when you pop the tab :-)


Why not put a magnet on the tool to catch the lid?

We wish we could, but unfortunately, aluminum is not magnetic.


Does it work on Truly and Whiteclaw cans?

Yes, it does.


Does it work on all cans? 

The Draft Top® was specifically designed for most standard 8-16oz aluminum beverage cans and some 19oz cans with standard tops. It does not work on crowlers, 24oz tallboys, 8oz Redbull, the Sam Can, or soup cans. There are certain regions of the world that produce different can lids and some are not compatible with this tool. The can diameters that fit are 50mm to 54mm. That includes Seltzer like Truly & Whiteclaw cans.


Does it leave any sharp edges?

No, when used properly, Draft Top® works by folding the aluminum into itself and leaving a dull safe drinking surface as well as the pressed rim to enjoy the beverage from.

• Is the tool itself sharp?

No, the splitters (blades) are not sharp. They were uniquely designed to use pressure to split and fold the lid as it turns. In effect, they have a dulled edge much like your average soup can opener.


Does The Draft Top® grab the top or hold the can?

The Draft Top® does not grab or hold the can. It requires the use of two hands. The second hand should be placed firmly on the ridge towards the top or bottom of the can where you have the most strength and leverage.

Is the Draft Top dishwasher safe?

No, the Draft Top is not dishwasher safe. This tool is hand wash only. We recommend you rinse with warm water after using to prevent beer or soda drying between mechanical parts.

Can you use the Draft Top if the top of a can if the tab is already popped? Yes, Draft Top works on unopened and opened standard top cans alike. You can give the used cans a second life with creative projects! We encourage to be more gentle with your grip on an opened can.

Are there replacement parts for the Draft Top?

No, in effect the Draft Top is a closed system.

Is it difficult to use? There can be a small learning curve, but that is dependent on the user, most are successful between 2-3 attempts. It's just like riding bike once you figure it out it becomes natural. 

Where do you ship?

Anywhere in the world, excluding China.

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