Introducing the DT PRO! 

Designed with high volumes and ease of use in mind, the DT PRO is built for those looking to provide their customers with the most unique drinking experience ever.

Save $ and Give Your Customers A Unique Experince 

  • Fewer glasses to wash, soap to use.
  • No more tap lines to install and clean.
  • Fewer broken glasses to replace.
  • No more plastic… and then less trash to dispose of. 
  • Reclaim the cans and make money recycling them.

Drink Topless® in just 3 steps:

  • Insert can and lock the handle.
  • Pull the top lever down.
  • Remove the now Topless® can!

To open another can simply push the top lever back up and the DT PRO will eject the top for your next use.


DT PRo Video Instructions

Learn how to use your DT PRO with our instructional video. You can also download our DT PRO Instruction Manual.

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