The Bar Tool designed to remove the top of aluminum beverage cans

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The Buzz.

Draft Top has been getting a lot of buzz lately. Check out some of the companies that have featured us.

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  • “Slugging down a brew through that tiny opening prevents you from enjoying the full aroma of the beer”

    − Food and Wine

  • “Draft Top gets bonus points because it also allows to easily turn V8 into bloodies or add rum to Coke.”

    − Cool Material

  • “Bless hopheads Sean and Armand for giving us a chance to escape our aluminum tyranny!”

    − Playboy

  • “(Draft Top) could change the way you drink canned beer.”

    − Foodbeast

  • “if you want that cold beer out of a glass, instead of a can, use this nifty decapitator to safely take the top off any beer can.”

    − The Chive

  • “Now you can drink from the can with no aluminum flavor…”

    − Field & Stream

  • “…a cool tool that turns beer cans into pint glasses…”

    − Bro Bible

  • “…open-top can that not only drinks like a tall glass, but begs for mixers and garnishes to be added.”

    − CNET

Great For Many Occasions.


Lets be honest… Who needs cups?


Draft Top makes your beach beers, lime friendly.


Pop your top and get to sippin’.


How about a game of Beer Pong, using just the cans?

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