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What the heck is a Can Clip? Well, our (evil) engineers are at it again! Just when we thought #DrinkingTopless couldn’t get any cooler, they had to prove us wrong.  

In their honor, we have decided to release an extremely limited run of their one-of-a-kind Draft Top Can Clip. Are you still asking what the Can Clip is… then look at the pictures. I am not sure we can describe it any better.   

But what we can tell you is that the Can Clip is perfect for: 

  • Making any topless beverage can be a little bit cooler, by adding an airplane bottle Warning: this may make you a little cooler too! 
  • Turning you into the smoothest mixologist out there! 
  • And it’s a great way to spice things up! 
  • Add spirits to your favorite canned drink without needing to create additional room! 
  • And it releases the spirit into the drink as you sip! <---Yay Science!

What's included?

  • Six (6) Can Clips
  • The shock on your friend's face when you hand them a topless drink with a Can Clip

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