Draft Top® LIFT Bundle Pack (2)

$ 44.99 $ 49.99

Get one for you & your beer buddy! 

Indisputably the best way to enjoy ANYTHING out of a can

Say goodbye to the glug-glug pours, excessive foam, sore fingernails, and all-around UNenjoyable experience of drinking from cans. 

MADE IN THE USA ... Draft Top LIFT is the ultimate bar tool designed to safely remove and lift the top off beverage cans... allowing consumers to enjoy the full aroma and smooth pour of their favorite beverage, whether it’s an IPA, RTD, seltzer or canned coffee all without needing a glass or wasting a plastic cup.

All that's left is to enjoy your favorite beverage.

  • Easy to use – so easy your grandmother can use it!
  • Garnish your drink
  • Add ice and spirits to a drink
  • Better than a draft experience
  • Reuse, recycle, repurpose

     The bundle pack comes with two (2) Draft Top LIFT (Black and Grey only)